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nGeometric Throw Quilt is Shades of Greee

SKU: sog

Handmade Throw Quilt in Shades of Green with Minky Back. Gorgeous! If you or a special person loves green, this quilt should be calling to you. It is an original geometric design by Arlene. The quilting stitch is an all over three leaf clover chosen since this quilt says "think green". The back feels like velvet and is a dark green. An added bonus is the batting material, a lush wool, considered by most quilters to be the most desirable inner material for a quilt. Don't worry - it's washable in cool water. This design will bring beauty and functionality to any home. Hang it on the back of your sofa or place it at the foot of your bed; wherever it is it will be a gorgeous addition to your home. Dimensions, 48  x  60